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  • Robert B. Laughlin
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It is a great pleasure for me to be attending with you the last of the Taniguchi Symposia on Solid State Physics. It is a great shame that there will be no more such conferences, for I have rarely experienced a week of scientific exchanges as productive as this one. However, since Solid State Physics in Japan is now terrifyingly strong, at least as seen from the other side of the ocean, perhaps it has come to pass that Mr. Taniguchi’s work is done. From Professor Akimitsu’s discovery of superconductivity in a cuprate chain compound to the discovery of simultaneous superconducting and antiferromagnetic order in LSCO to Professor Nagaosa’s work relating the quantum mechanics of these materials to the Strong Interactions, something of great interest to me personally, one sees world leadership in our find being seized by the young physicists steadfastly supported by Mr. Taniguchi and others of his generation. I am honored to be among you.

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