The Implementation Process of the Lower Seyhan Irrigation Project, with Special Reference to Means of High Groundwater and Salinity Control



In Turkey, in the 1950s, cultivation could not be extended because most of the land suitable was already developed; on the contrary, cultivated lands had to be limited to 16.5 million ha instead of 24 millions due to striking erosion problems. Land with high potentials had to be used more intensively to secure food production and to increase export potentials. Of approximately 6 million ha of land that was estimated to be economically irrigable only 1.2 million ha, or 20%, were irrigated, with 330,000 ha irrigated through state-constructed facilities, and 873,624 ha constructed and operated by individual farms, local organizations and private enterprises. With the adaption of a new constitution in 1961, the Turkish government continued to favour a state-induced economic and social development strategy directed towards overcoming regional imbalances. The State Planning Organization (SPO), established in 1963, coordinated economic sector development by defining priority areas and sectors, and deciding on the provision of financial resources for the public sector. The First Five Year Development Plan was prepared for the period 1963 to 1967, to promote a development rate of 7%. Within the agricultural sector TL 11.3 billion was invested, of which 45.3% was allocated to irrigation development activities, bringing more than 500,000 ha under irrigation, and rehabilitating existing projects.2 The Çukurova region was selected for development with the Lower Seyhan Irrigation Project as its centrepiece. It was, with its 175,000 ha, the largest irrigation project in Turkey.


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