Requirements on Data Structures in Formal Circuit Verification

  • Christoph Meinel
  • Thorsten Theobald


In the previous chapter, we have introduced several representation types for switching functions. In particular, we have described the switching functions under consideration based on the following ideas:
  • by systematically tabulating the function values (e.g., truth tables)

  • by providing a method for computing the function (e.g., disjunctive or conjunctive normal forms, Boolean formulas or circuits)

  • by describing a scheme for evaluating the function (e.g., decision trees, branching programs).


Boolean Operation Representation Type Finite State Machine Truth Table Conjunctive Normal Form 
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  1. The mentioned logic synthesis systems are described in the following references: MINI [HC074], ESPRESSO [BHMS84], MIS [BRSW87], BOLD [HLJ+89] and SIS [SSM+92]. Discussions concerning the requirements on data structures in formal circuit verification can also be found in the surveys [Bry92, Weg94, MT98].Google Scholar

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