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  • Thorsten Theobald


Propositional logic. The theme of propositional calculus is to investigate simple logical connections among elementary statements. Such elementary statements are for example
  • “Paris is the capital of France.”

  • “6 is a prime number.”


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  1. The topics of this chapter all belong to the fundamentals of computer science and discrete mathematics, so we cite merely a small collection of relevant textbooks. Detailed information on the topics of discrete mathematics can be found in [Big90]. The design and analysis of algorithms and data structures is covered in [AHU74] and [CLR90]. Introductions to the theory of NP-completeness can be found in [GJ78, Pap94]. In particular, the compendium [GJ78] additionally contains a complexity theoretical classification of many problems, in particular with regard to NP-completeness.Google Scholar
  2. A standard work concerning finite automata is [HU78]. Finally, the books [Mic94] and [HS96] excellently cover algorithmic aspects and the significance of finite state machines in VLSI design.Google Scholar

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