Delayed Neutron Yields for 39 Fissile Systems

  • Jean Blachot
Conference paper
Part of the Research Reports in Physics book series (RESREPORTS)


Accurate knowledge of absolute delayed neutron yields (vd) need to be improved.A method to derive the \( \bar{v}d \) is to do a summation calculation using cumulative fission yields (CU) and delayed neutron branching (Pn) for all precursors. For the “CU” we have taken the data from the JEF-2 file for 39 fissile systems. We have also done the calculations with the “CU” distributed by Wahl (3) for U233T, U235T and F , U238F, PU239T, PU241T.

In JEF-2 we have “Pn” data for 156 precursors, almost 100 coming from experimental results and the others from a calculation by Klapdor (8).

The results are compared with the last evaluations for the systems already measured. The relative uncertainty is three times higher for the “CU” than for the “Pn“.


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  • Jean Blachot
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  1. 1.Departement de Recherches FondamentalesCEA ISNGrenoble, CedexFrance

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