Cross Sections of the Reactions 55Mn(n,2n)54Mn, 58Ni(n,2n)57Ni and 58Ni(n,np )57Co Averaged over the U-235 Fission Neutron Spectrum

  • O. Horibe
  • H. Chatani
Conference paper
Part of the Research Reports in Physics book series (RESREPORTS)


Cross sections of 55Mn(n,2n)54Mn, 58Ni(n,2n)57Ni and 58Ni(n,np)57Co reactions are presented together with the 34 kinds of threshold reaction cross sections which have been measured earlier. The 55Mn(n,2n) 54Mn reaction cross section values are also used to give specific variance-covariance matrix of the 35 kinds of cross sections. The 58Ni(n,np)57Co reaction includes the (n,pn) and (n,d) reactions. The obtained experimental values are compared with those of experimental values of other authors, or with the values calculated by the Horibe’s formula, or with the integral values calculated with the cross section data in ENDF/B-V and JENDL-2, assuming the fission neutron spectrum shapes to be of Maxwell, or Madland-Nix, or Watt types.


U-235 fission neutron average cross section (n,2n) and (n,np) reaction 55Mn 58Ni 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • O. Horibe
    • 1
  • H. Chatani
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Reactor EngineeringKinki UniversityHigashiosaka 577Japan
  2. 2.Research Reactor InstituteKyoto UniversityKumatoricho, OsakaJapan

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