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Networks are changing and growing more complex than the data networks of the 1990s. The Internet Protocol (IP) is shaping the future of unified network systems. With end-to-end QoS (Quality of Service) and policy based management mechanisms, today’s networks are more intelligent and sophisticated. Now, more than ever before, the means of data and telecom transport unified into a single, more efficient, network infrastructure. Such a unified network has so far been extensively adaptable with IP internet working techniques. Building such a state-of-the-art intermediator requires an in-depth understanding of IP as well as the behaviour and constraints of various traffic. Another and most important aspect of such a complex network is how to manage it. In this regard, policy enable networking (PEN) provides significant enhancement, automation and intelligence than that of an SNMP-based network. Now traffic can be controlled and managed according to the requirements of the users.


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