Power Supplies for Adjustable Speed AC Drives

  • Werner Leonhard
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An important result of the preceding chapter is that the application of AC motors in continuous duty adjustable speed drives calls for static converters of adequate power, generating three-phase voltages of variable amplitude and frequency. This is necessary to maintain at all speeds a low rotor frequency, which is a precondition for acceptable overall efficiency of the drive. Converters of this type are available today employing thyristors, gate turn-off thyristors (GTO), or switched power transistors (MOSFET and IGBT), but the complexity and cost of the converter equipment and control still exceeds that of line-commutated converters of a similar rating. While part of the cost for the converter can be recovered by the reduced cost of the AC motor as compared to a DC machine of comparable rating, the overall cost of the AC drive may still be somewhat higher than that of a standard DC drive.


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