GeosensorBase: Integrating and Managing Huge Number of Heterogeneous Sensors Using Sensor Adaptors and Extended SQL Querying

  • Min Soo Kim
  • Chung Ho Lee
  • In Sung Jang
  • Ki-Joune Li
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8470)


Recently, there has been much interest in observing sensor readings ranging from network cameras to small wireless sensor nodes. Sensor web is integrating such sensor readings and providing tremendous volumes of real-time sensor data. OGC SWE, Microsoft SenseWeb, and Oak Ridge National Lab Sensorpedia are the most representative sensor web platform providing sensor data service. However, the existing platforms have some problems to build real-world application services. The first problem is heterogeneity of sensors. The real-world services may need to integrate various kinds of sensors. Some smart sensors that support web service can be easily integrated with the sensor web platform. However, most sensors provide their readings using their own ways such as TCP/IP. The integration of such sensors consumes high cost in time and money. The second problem is that the existing platforms only support some limited query operations of simple filtering. However, in real-world services, it is expected that various kinds of flexible query operations become more and more necessary to efficiently find out the sensor readings of interest. Therefore, we propose a GeosensorBase system that can easily integrate heterogeneous sensors and can support flexible user requests. Specifically, we propose efficient sensor data management methods and an extended query processor. Finally, in order to verify the advantages of the GeosensorBase, we demonstrate a prototype for environmental monitoring and a test bed for smart city monitoring. We think the GeosensorBase can not only dramatically reduce the costs and the efforts consumed in new sensor integration, but also can support powerful query processing capabilities which are suitable for various kinds of sensor applications. So, we argue that the GeosensorBase gives great help to developers of sensor applications.


Open Geospatial Consortium Sensor Observation Service (SOS) Sensor Planning Service (SPS) Sensor Web GeoWeb Geosensor 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Min Soo Kim
    • 1
  • Chung Ho Lee
    • 1
  • In Sung Jang
    • 1
  • Ki-Joune Li
    • 2
  1. 1.Spatial Information Research LaboratoryETRIDaejeonKorea
  2. 2.Department of Computer EngineeringPusan National UniversityPusanKorea

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