Optomechanical Crystal Devices

  • Amir H. Safavi-NaeiniEmail author
  • Oskar Painter
Part of the Quantum Science and Technology book series (QST)


We present the basic ideas and techniques utilized in recent work on optomechanical crystals. Optomechanical crystals are nanofabricated cavity optomechanical systems where the confinement of light and motion is obtained by nanopatterning periodic structures in thin-films. In this chapter we start from a basic review of the properties of optical and elastic waves in nanostructures, before introducing the properties and design of periodic structures. After reviewing fabrication and characterization methods, experimental results in 1D and 2D systems are presented.


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The authors would like to acknowledge the significant contributions to this work by Jasper Chan, Matt Eichenfield, Jeff Hill, Simon Gröblacher, Thiago Alegre, Alex Krause, Sean Meenehan, and Justin Cohen. The work was supported by the DARPA ORCHID and MESO programs, the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, an NSF Physics Frontiers Center with support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and the Kavli Nanoscience Institute at Caltech. ASN gratefully acknowledges support from NSERC.


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