The Borlaug Institute and Its Contributions to Worldwide Food and Economic Security

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  • Joseph N. King
  • Linda Cleboski
  • Johanna Roman
  • Ma’ad Mohammed
  • Michael McWorter
  • Virginia M. Peschke
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The contributions of Dr. Norman Borlaug to the fight against worldwide hunger and poverty are legendary. Since his death in 2009, Dr. Borlaug’s work continues on through the people and institutions he has inspired. One of these is the Borlaug Institute, established in Dr. Borlaug’s honor at Texas A&M University in 2006. The primary focus of the Borlaug Institute is the administration and support of international development programs: this role is illustrated here by examples of projects in South Africa, Rwanda, Latin America, and Iraq. The Borlaug Institute also supports a number of short- and long-term training programs for students and professionals at various career stages. This chapter concludes with personal reflections on Norman Borlaug by his granddaughter Julie Borlaug.


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The authors thank David Songstad, for proposing the idea for this manuscript, and Monsanto Company, for providing financial support to VMP to assist in the preparation of this manuscript.


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