Fotonic and Electron Microscopy Images for Quality Evaluation of Delignification of Agave Fibers

  • Hilda Hernández-Hernández
  • Jorge Chanona-Pérez
  • Georgina Calderón-Domínguez
  • Eduardo Terrés Rojas
  • M. J. Perea-Flores
  • Jorge Mendoza-Pérez
  • Alberto Vega
  • Pablo Ligero
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8334)


The present work is aimed to study the microstructural changes that occurred during the delignification process of agave fibers using microscopy techniques and image analysis (AI). Acetosolv kinetic was followed by chemical analysis and by light (LM), confocal laser scanning (CLSM), and scanning electron (SEM) microscopies, evaluating the micrographs by image analysis (IA). Kinetic studies showed that delignification process followed three stages: initial, bulk and residual; these stages kept a relation with the microstructural changes occurring in the fibers. The data obtained integrate numerical information that could be valuable for study of pulping of lignocellulosic materials and these techniques can be used as useful non-destructive methods for the evaluation of the delignification process.


Agave atrovirens microstructure fibers pulping kinetics Acetosolv 


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  • Hilda Hernández-Hernández
    • 1
  • Jorge Chanona-Pérez
    • 1
  • Georgina Calderón-Domínguez
    • 1
  • Eduardo Terrés Rojas
    • 2
  • M. J. Perea-Flores
    • 3
  • Jorge Mendoza-Pérez
    • 4
  • Alberto Vega
    • 5
  • Pablo Ligero
    • 5
  1. 1.Departamento de Ingeniería Bioquímica, Escuela Nacional de Ciencias BiológicasInstituto Politécnico NacionalMéxico D.F.Mexico
  2. 2.Laboratorio de Microscopía Electrónica de Ultra Alta ResoluciónInstituto Mexicano del Petróleo (IMP)México D.F.Mexico
  3. 3.Centro de Nanociencias y Micro-NanotecnologíaInstituto Politécnico NacionalMéxico D.F.Mexico
  4. 4.Departamento Ingeniería en Sistemas Ambientales, Escuela Nacional de Ciencias BiológicasInstituto Politécnico NacionalMéxico, D.F.Mexico
  5. 5.Departamento Química Física e Enxeñería Química I, Facultade de CienciasUniversidade da Coruña. Campus da ZapateiraA CoruñaEspaña

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