The Capacitated Problem

  • Marc Salomon
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In this chapter the multilevel capacitated lotsizing problem (MLCLP) is considered. This problem, which was originally stated by Billington et al. [16] in 1983, occurs when production schedules have to be determined for multilevel production-inventory systems in the presence of capacity constraints on production facilities. It is assumed that time-phased demand is dynamic and deterministic, while backlogging is not allowed. The objective is to determine a time-phased production schedule for end items as well as for components, such that the sum of item-dependent setup costs and item-dependent inventory holding costs is minimized, while period-dependent capacity limitations must not be violated. The problems studied in this chapter are restricted in that neither setup times nor overtime work are considered. Furthermore, as in a second paper by Billington [15], it is assumed that only one bottleneck exists, which is situated at a single level in the product structure.


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