Theory of Coherent Bremsstrahlung

  • A. W. Sáenz
  • H. Überall
Part of the Topics in Current Physics book series (TCPHY, volume 38)


In this chapter we review theoretically the phenomenon of coherent bremsstrahlung (CB) of electrons traversing a crystal. This process has been studied for more than thirty years, but it now appears in a new light after the realization by Andersen [2.1] that CB and the more recently discovered process of channeling radiation (CR) constitute two different but related aspects of one and the same physical phenomenon. These two types of radation may be described in a unified fashion by the use of Bloch functions for the electrons in the crystal. CB kinematics is discussed from this viewpoint, a theoretical calculation of low-energy CB intensities is given, and a model calculation for free-bound transitions is carried out as an example of the link between CB and CR phenomena.


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