A Versatile Modular Solid-State Laser System for Laser-Lithotripsy, Laser-Angioplasty and Dental Treatment

  • E. Steiger
Conference paper


Modular and multiwavelengths solid-state laser systems are gaining increased interest in different disciplines of medical laser treatments. Above all others, tunable solid-state lasers rank high, because they are reliable, easy to handle and can be physically constructed as small and compact units.

Furthermore they give the physicians the possibility to use them in a multidiscipline way, because they can provide tunable wavelengths in the UV, visible and near-IR with different, easy to exchange optional optical modules.

We report here on the concept of a compact, pulsed solid-state laser system on the basis of an alexandrite laser crystal for the endoscopic laser-induced shock wave lithotripsy of urinary, biliary and salivary stones, for the recanalization of atherosclerotic diseased vessels, for the ablation of hard and soft dental tissue and for endodontic treatments.


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