The moments of first entrance time distributions

  • Kai Lai Chung
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If f ij * =1, then the sequence {f ij (n) , n≧1} determines a discrete probability distribution called the first entrance time distribution from i to j. (For i = j this has also already been called the recurrence time distribution of i in §6.) Thus for each p, \(\sum\limits_{N=1}^{\infty }{{{n}^{p}}f\frac{n}{ij}}\) is the moment of order p of this distribution; for p=1 this is the m ij defined in § 9. More generally, let H be the taboo set; we write
$${{H}^{m\begin{matrix}(p)\\ij\\\end{matrix}}}=\sum\limits_{n=1}^{\infty }{{{n}^{p}}}Hf\begin{matrix}(n)\\ij\\\end{matrix}$$


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