Tumours of the Kidney and Ureter

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Renal and ureteric tumours form a relatively small but highly important part of urological practice. Their behaviour appears capricious, for whilst some are extremely malignant others pursue a benign course, although nearly all have malignant potentialities. Although early diagnosis is vitally necessary and is often possible by the use of modern methods, it does not always lead to cure because some of these tumours have an intrinsic malignancy which at present defies treatment. In the past the nomenclature has been confused; the current tendency to simpler classification, which will be followed here, has led to some clarification of the picture but there still remain some types of such infrequent occurrence that their behaviour cannot be foretold.


Renal Vein Papillary Carcinoma Partial Nephrectomy Renal Pelvis Transitional Cell Carcinoma 
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