Development of a Major Port at Kandla

  • M. Ramabrahmam
Conference paper
Part of the Jahrbuch der Hafenbautechnischen Gesellschaft book series (HAFENBAU, volume 22)


The present port of Kandla came into existence in 1931. Constructed under the orders of the then Maharao of Kutch, it has a single reinforced concrete jetty with depth of water alongside of 30 feet at low water, a small area of reclaimed land with transit sheds and residential accommodation for the staff. The necessity for an additional major port on the coast of Kathiawar and Kutch was felt even in 1946. Selection of Kandla was made in 1948 and preliminary surveys and works were started in 1949. By the end of 1950, while some of the surveys and investigations were nearing completion, outline plans for the preliminary layout were prepared. Tenders called for on the basis of designs and rates from selected engineering firms evoked keen competition from international firms of considerable repute and experience in harbour engineering works. Received in April 1951, these tenders incorporating designs of various types were carefully scrutinised by a special Committee of engineers and the contract was finalised by March 1953.


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