The Analytic Hierarchy Process and Systems Thinking: A Response to Petkov & Mihova-Petkova

  • Denis Edgar-Nevill
  • Michael Jackson
Part of the Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems book series (LNE, volume 465)


Petkov and Mihova-petkova in their paper “The Analytic Hierarchy Process and Systems Thinking” make a well argued case for the addition of AHP to rthe methods and tools in Systems Thinking. The Claim is made that AHP is capable of dealing with Complexity and pluralism. In this paper the authors consider the argument put forward and raise concerns about the effectiveness of AHP in this regard. These centre around the particular Characteristics of complexity in social systems and the ability of AHP to allow each subjective viewpoint to be fully represented. It is argued that AHP can only reveal it’s full potential when used alongside other systems approaches which do pay more attention to these matters. On the basis of this argument the case for pluralism in Systems Thinking is made with AHP an important element in this Pluralism.


AHP Systems Thinking Complexity Pluralism 


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  • Denis Edgar-Nevill
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  • Michael Jackson
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  1. 1.Lincoln School of ManagementLincoln University CampusLincolnUK

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