Structure and Characterization of Rapidly Solidified Alloys

  • C. N. J. Wagner
  • M. A. Otooni
  • W. Krakow
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 29)


To understand the most basic properties of the amorphous solids, being mechanical, chemical electrical or magnetic, a full description of the atomic structure in these materials is required. However, the determination of the physical properties of amorphous solids or of liquids without a definite atomic structure has remained a formidable task to accomplish. To circumvent this difficulty, the prediction of the physico-chemical properties has been largely based on the principles of thermodynamics of a randomly distributed collection of atoms [3.1–4]. For example, from the application of the pair distribution function (3.17), the total energy of a system, which is largely dependent upon a two-body correlation [3.5], can be calculated. Along the same line, more recently a more rigorous attempt to determine the physical properties of an amorphous solid has been made by using the concept of local structural fluctuations and its associated local structural parameters [3.6–7]. By application of this concept, a method for calculating the energy of the system has been made. In this methodology the principles of elastic approximation have been described in terms of the local atomic-level stresses and strains.


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