Evaluation on Students’ Experience of Course Management System

  • Kenneth Wong
  • Reggie Kwan
  • Fu Lee Wang
  • Louise Luk
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 407)


Nowadays, Blended-Learning is growing rapidly worldwide. More and more higher education institutions are integrating e-learning into their standard pedagogy. Course Management System (CMS) is a kind of e-learning system which is adopted to facilitate instructors and students to deliver course materials, submit assignments and tests, create learning activities, and share documents. Our Institute has started to use Moodle as our CMS for two years. In this paper, we will present preliminary findings from a small scale study exploring the students’ experiences on using our Moodle system. The data are obtained from group interviews with students. The preliminary findings indicate that students only utilize Moodle system for performing limited learning tasks. Students prefer using social networking to using our Moodle system for discussing assignments and sharing learning materials with classmates. As CMS is under-utilized, we believe that if students are more inclined to use CMS cooperated with popular social networking services, it may effectively promote online community and enhance collaborative learning amongst students.


Course Management System CMS Moodle e-learning community building collaboration learning 


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  • Kenneth Wong
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  • Reggie Kwan
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  • Fu Lee Wang
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  • Louise Luk
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  1. 1.Caritas Institute of Higher EducationHong Kong SARChina

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