Applied Semantics for Integration and Analytics

  • Sergey Gorshkov
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 394)


There are two major trends of industrial application for semantic technologies: integration and analytics. The integration potential of semantics was the first one which came to industrial implementation, particularly due to adoption of semantic platform by ISO 15926 standard. But there are certain problems in practical use of this standard, so integration is often built without using it. We will show an example of implementation of semantic Enterprise Service Bus in RosEnergoTrans company, and discuss whether it was better to rely on ISO 15926 ontologies for this project.

Adding analytic features to semantic solution gives it much more business value that integration itself can offer. We will discuss semantic solutions from this point of view, and compare analytical potential of ISO 15926 data models with “simple” semantics.


ISO 15926 integration analytics business value 


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