Differential Diagnosis of Leg Oedemas of Venous and Lymphatic Origin

  • Erika MendozaEmail author
  • Christopher R. Lattimer


Patients are often referred to the phlebologist or vascular surgeon suffering with leg swelling of uncertain origin. This is usually accompanied by a request to confirm or exclude venous insufficiency. Standard duplex ultrasound is useful for a primary haemodynamic evaluation. However, high-resolution ultrasound may distinguish between different types of oedema.


Lymphatic Channel Venous Insufficiency Chronic Venous Insufficiency Venous Filling Ultrasound Appearance 
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  1. Lattimer CR, Kalodiki E, Azzam M, Geroulakos G (2013) Reflux time estimation on air-plethysmography may stratify patients with early superficial venous insufficiency. Phlebology 28:101–108PubMedCrossRefGoogle Scholar

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  2. 2.Department of Vascular Surgery, Josef Pflug Vascular LaboratoryEaling Hospital and Imperial CollegeLondonUK

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