Graphite-Based Nanocomposites to Enhance Mechanical Properties

  • Shanta Desai
  • James Njuguna
Part of the Engineering Materials book series (ENG.MAT.)


Carbon based materials such as diamond and graphite are known to mankind for ages. Graphite is highly anisotropic and the properties of single layer of graphite were known for long. In recent years, nanoscale materials using carbon nanotubes have provided opportunities for researchers to engineer new materials with enhanced properties but graphite-based fillers in the polymer nanocomposites has taken forefront in research of many area upon the discovery of graphene, a single layer of graphite by Andre et al. in 2004 due to its extraordinary properties. Due to high surface energy and low density, it is difficult to disperse graphene in polymeric matrix and hence some of the methods identified to homogenously disperse graphite-based fillers are described here such as solution mixing, melt mixing, in situ polymerization and grafting. Nanocomposites prepared using graphite-based reinforcements to enhance mechanical properties in different polymeric matrix is discussed. Finally, applications and challenges of commercialization of these nanocomposites are presented.


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