Climate Change Governance

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Climate change (CC), with all its ramifications and complex unprecedented adverse impacts, is now seen as a major contributor to natural hazards and disasters around the planet. The scale of these effects of CC- including frequency of occurrence of events- has been of exceeding magnitudes relative to the coping capacities of most developing countries. This ongoing and emerging situation warrants consistent and scaled up efforts on all fronts and by all entities, individually and collectively, to minimize the adverse effects lest we could face collective irreversible losses in almost all spheres of life on this planet. This reading need not and should not imply misdirecting scarce resources toward hypothetical problems and/or their fictional solutions. At national and international levels, vision and commitment is important in the design and implement of relevant policies for implementation in this context. This calls for an improved understanding of the climate change systems and their governance, as well as the impacts on the socio-economic and other systems.


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