Integration of Psycognitive States to Broaden Augmented Cognition Frameworks

  • Karmen Guevara
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8027)


Augmented Cognition technologies focus on assessing and monitoring the user to produce a composite picture of their cognitive state. This is based on the mental processes of the user involving perception, memory, judgment and reasoning. It does not include the emotional, volitional or the subconscious processes. Due to the absence of input from a core human dimension – the subconscious - it is inevitable that the picture to emerge from this data will be incomplete. The focus of this paper therefore, is on this subconscious dimension. The objective is to illustrate how subconscious processes can shape behaviours and determine individuals’ strategic actions. We argue that in order to formulate a complete portrait of an individual’s cognitive state, it is important to integrate the subconscious dimension.


Psycognition characterology subconscious behaviours character strategies critical incident breakdown situational appropriate behaviour inner subjective domain 


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