The Japanese Government has set its sights on becoming number one in the world in ICT, as seen in the announcement of an e-Japan strategy by the IT strategy organization established in 2000. However, according to the United Nations E-Government Development Index, Japan’s ranking has remained low despite its progress in information infrastructure. The reason for this is that the Japanese government did not integrate the code and standardize the data which are needed to use ICT across the whole country. The government introduced the national ID bill into the Diet last year, but the issue of Kanji characters, i.e., how to define the Japanese Kanji character set, remains unresolved because this issue, especially as it related to Kanji characters of names, includes a complex problem of interface between human and machine. I think the current proposed solution will not be successful because it ignores the issue of human interface. I insist that the Kanji character issue should be viewed from the perspective of human interface, and I propose a solution whereby the government should regulate by law the range of Kanji characters used by ICT, rather than increasing the number of Kanji character used.


e-Government Character Code Kanji Character 


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