Local Cohomology Modules Supported on Monomial Ideals

  • Josep Àlvarez MontanerEmail author
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mathematics book series (LNM, volume 2083)


Local cohomology was introduced by A. Grothendieck in the early 1960s and quickly became an indispensable tool in Commutative Algebra. Despite the effort of many authors in the study of these modules, their structure is still quite unknown. C


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Many thanks go to Anna M. Bigatti, Philippe Gimenez, and Eduardo Sáenz-de-Cabezón for the invitation to participate in the MONICA conference and the great enviroment they created there. I am also indebted with Oscar Fernández Ramos who agreed to develop the Macaulay 2 routines that not only allowed us to perform many computations but also enlightened part of my research.


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