Security Authentication of AODV Protocols in MANETs

  • Ahmad Alomari
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Mobile ad hoc networks are a collection of two or more devices equipped with wireless communication and networking capability and they move in dynamic and topology way. The nodes should deploy an intermediate node to be the router to route the packet from the source node to destination node. The wireless links in this network are prone to errors and can go down frequently due to mobility of nodes, interference and lack of infrastructure. Therefore, routing in MANET is a critical task due to highly dynamic environment. In recent years several routing protocols have been proposed for mobile ad hoc networks to increase the secure path between the nodes. We focus on our scheme on the authentication between the nodes and we choose Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) protocol to apply this scheme, which it depends on hash function, secret value and random number generation. This scheme is used to produce secure and authentic environment between the nodes In Mobile Ad Hoc Network.


Black hole hash function Random hash function AODV MetaID 


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