Current-Mode Filters

  • Heimo Uhrmann
  • Robert Kolm
  • Horst Zimmermann
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Voltage-mode filters and especially their linearity and dynamic range suffer from the low supply voltages of deep-sub-micron and nanometer CMOS. This fact served as motivation to investigate current-mode filters with the hope for a better linearity and larger dynamic range. Current-mode filters also may allow saving of current-to-voltage and voltage-to-current converters compared to the case when voltage mode filters are used in combination with current-mode mixer and current-steering digital-analog converter for instance. A lower power consumption then should be obtainable. This chapter will give on overview on current-mode filters described in literature and will introduce new current-mode filters designed in 120 nm CMOS and 65 nm low-power CMOS. Their properties are described in detail.


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