Design Methods

  • Germán A. RamosEmail author
  • Ramon Costa-Castelló
  • Josep M. Olm
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The tracking/rejection of periodic signals constitutes a wide field of research in the control theory and applications area and Repetitive Control has proven to be an efficient way to face this topic; however, in some applications the period of the signal to be tracked/rejected change in time which cause and important performance degradation in the standard repetitive controller. One technique that can be used to overcome this problem is the adaptation of the controller sampling period, nevertheless this involves an Linear Time Varying scenario where complexity of the analysis and design of the system is highly increased. The previous Chapter developed a system stability analysis trough Linear Matrix Inequality gridding approach and robust control based techniques. Although several approaches exist for the stability analysis of general time-varying sampling period controllers few of them allow an integrated controller design which assures closed-loop stability under such conditions. In this Chapter two design methodologies are presented which assure the system stability of the repetitive control system working under varying sampling period for a given frequency variation interval: a μ-synthesis technique and a pre-compensation strategy.


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  • Ramon Costa-Castelló
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  2. 2.Escola Tècnica Superior d’Enginyeria Industrial de Barcelona (ETSEIB)Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) BarcelonaSpain
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