Polariton Condensates in Low Dimensional Cavities

  • Jacqueline BlochEmail author
Part of the Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences book series (SSSOL, volume 177)


In the past few years, semiconductor microcavities have appeared to be a very attractive system for the exploration of the physics of interacting Bose condensates. In addition to the flexibility and richness of optical experiments that can be performed on polariton condensates in microcavities, the powerful tools offered by technological processes developed for opto-electronic devices can be used to fully engineer the potential landscape in which these half-light half-matter condensates evolve. In the present chapter, we will describe how polariton condensates can be confined in low dimensional microstructures. We will review some experiments performed in these geometries, highlighting the huge potential of microstructures for the development of innovative polaritonic devices.

We will first address experiments performed in wire cavities, which open the field of mesoscopic physics with polaritons. Propagation of polariton condensates over macroscopic distances has been demonstrated as well as the optical manipulation of these condensates (tunnel coupling and trapping). We will also discuss scattering by disorder in this one dimensional propagation.

Then we will describe experiments in fully confined systems like single or coupled micropillars. These 0D resonators allow proper investigation of the nature of interactions undergone by polariton condensates. To conclude we will mention several theoretical proposals which make use of the propagation and manipulation of polariton condensates in photonic circuits to develop new optical functionalities and reveal new physics.


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I would like to warmly acknowledge all my collaborators who have been working so hard and with so much enthusiasm on polariton condensates over the last years. It has been a great pleasure to go through this adventure with them. I want to particularly thank the young people, PhD students, post-docs and master2 students, who have joined our team and did almost all the work: Esther Wertz, Dimitrii Tanese, Daniele Bajoni and Lydie Ferrier, Marta Galbiati and Emmanuel Bernet-Rollande. Special thanks to my collaborators at LPN who grew and processed these unique samples, and participated to optical spectroscopy experiments and active debate and discussions: Alberto Amo, Aristide Lemaître, Audray Miard, Elisabeth Galopin, Isabelle Sagnes, Rémy Braive, and Pascale Senellart. I want to also mention the strong and decisive collaboration we had with the theoretician group of Guillaume Malpuech and his collaborators Dmitri Solnishkov, Robert Johne and Hugo Flayac.


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