Examples of Planar Multilink Manipulators

  • Yunong Zhang
  • Zhijun Zhang


In Chaps.  2 and  3, we have theoretically demonstrated the effectiveness of such a physically constrained RMP scheme (and its solvers) on solving the joint-angle drift problem. In this chapter, a dual neural network (introduced in Chap.  4) and an LVI-based primal–dual neural network (introduced in Chap.  5) are presented for online repetitive motion planning (RMP) of redundant robot manipulators (with multilink planar manipulators as examples). As real-time QP solvers, the aforementioned two kinds of neural networks both have piecewise-linear dynamics and can globally exponentially converge to the optimal solution of strictly-convex quadratic programs. Furthermore, the neural-network-based physically constrained RMP scheme is simulated based on the multilink planar robot manipulators. Computer-simulation results substantiate the theoretical analysis and also show the effective remedy of the joint-angle drift problem of robot manipulators.


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  • Zhijun Zhang
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