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Part of the Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation book series (LNISO, volume 2)

The 2012 ItAIS1ninth conference, from which this book is titled, attracted contributions far beyond the Italian IS community. In fact, the 202 authors—whose 86 papers were selected for presentation at the conference by means of a double-blind review process—include researchers from Italy and from more than 16 countries of 5 continents (i.e. Australia, France, South Africa, Sri Lanka, etc.). Moreover, the 17 tracks of the conference addressed many aspects of the relationship between “Organizational Change and Information Systems” and the contributions included in this book are signed by researchers working in different disciplines: organization, management, accounting, human-computer interaction, knowledge management, IS design, IS development, and IT governance studies. Authors have considered ItAIS as a suitable and stimulating arena for sharing and enriching their research endeavors within, and often beyond, their primary areas of interest. The outcome of the conference was...


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