Practices, Experience and Policy Orientation for Free Education in Normal Universities in China

  • Chuansheng LiuEmail author
  • Zengquan Fang
  • Jinzhong Li
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The Chinese government has been prioritizing to cultivate quality teachers in rural areas. By implementing major projects and piloting reforms, the central government has been committed to improving the comprehensive quality and professionalism of teachers in rural areas. To carry out the policy for free education in normal universities is one of the exemplary decisions made by the Chinese government. This essay analyzes the background and the value pursuit of implementing this policy, reviews the history of policy implementation, systematically summarizes the experience, and proposes suggestions for improving this policy. Efforts should be made to further strengthen the design of top-level policies, establish the long-standing incentives, constantly empower the local governments and hold them accountable, so as to build a multi-tier free normal education system.


China Free normal education Practices Experience Policy orientation 


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