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A Genetic Algorithm for Power-Aware Virtual Machine Allocation in Private Cloud

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNISA,volume 7804)


Energy efficiency has become an important measurement of scheduling algorithm for private cloud. The challenge is trade-off between minimizing of energy consumption and satisfying Quality of Service (QoS) (e.g. performance or resource availability on time for reservation request). We consider resource needs in context of a private cloud system to provide resources for applications in teaching and researching. In which users request computing resources for laboratory classes at start times and non-interrupted duration in some hours in prior. Many previous works are based on migrating techniques to move online virtual machines (VMs) from low utilization hosts and turn these hosts off to reduce energy consumption. However, the techniques for migration of VMs could not use in our case. In this paper, a genetic algorithm for power-aware in scheduling of resource allocation (GAPA) has been proposed to solve the static virtual machine allocation problem (SVMAP). Due to limited resources (i.e. memory) for executing simulation, we created a workload that contains a sample of one-day timetable of lab hours in our university. We evaluate the GAPA and a baseline scheduling algorithm (BFD), which sorts list of virtual machines in start time (i.e. earliest start time first) and using best-fit decreasing (i.e. least increased power consumption) algorithm, for solving the same SVMAP. As a result, the GAPA algorithm obtains total energy consumption is lower than the baseline algorithm on simulated experimentation.


  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtual Machine
  • Total Energy Consumption
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • Private Cloud

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