Magnetic Properties of Nanorods

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The effect of shape anisotropy on the magnetic properties of elongated nanostructured materials is analyzed in Chap. 5. We underline here the importance of shape contributions to the global magnetic behavior of nanocrystals as a way to tune their properties and increase their implementation in several technological fields. Elongated magnetic nanoparticles are thought of having a high potential in improved data storage devices as well as in novel spintronic systems, not to forget the possibility to exploit them as active materials in biomedicine as diagnostic or therapeutic agents. The control over the synthesis and physical characterization of rod-like magnetic nanocrystals is growing exponentially in the last decades. Yet our knowledge on them is limited and a huge amount of work is required and currently underway to go beyond the state-of-the-art, as described in Chap. 5. After a brief description of the basic magnetic phenomena accounting in size and shape-controlled nanocrystals, we review here the most outstanding results concerning the characterization of elongated oxide- and metal-based magnetic nanoparticles, followed by the new insights on the study of their magnetization reversal mechanisms and domain wall motion phenomena, both of special interest for future spintronic applications.


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