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The given dissertation contains the results of my research work in the fields of EPCglobal networks, access control mechanisms, and in-memory technology. In the course of my work, I was inspired by various discussions about complex enterprise systems. One of the challenging aspects of the increasing use of IT systems in supply chain management is the fact that more and more fine-grained enterprise data are captured and need to be processed in an automated manner. Data processing needs to be performed in real-time, e.g. to improve goods receipt or goods shipment. Anti-counterfeiting techniques in the pharmaceutical supply chain drive the motivation of my research activities since pharmaceutical counterfeits potentially harm or even kill human beings. I consider protecting human life from pharmaceuticals with inappropriate ingredients as the social motivation of my work. The analysis of related work and EPCglobal definitions showed an insufficient consideration of data protection aspects within EPCglobal networks. As a result, the given work analyzes specific attacks for EPCglobal networks and evaluates their business impacts. Thus, I considered device-level and business-level security extensions.

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