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I’m Joseph Bonneau for those of you who don’t know me. I’ll talk about this natural entropy concept that I want to use to do encryption, I’ll propose a pretty short and simple crypto protocol. I actually did this experimentally since writing the pre-proceedings paper, so I’ll talk about how that went, it was kind of interesting. Hopefully I’ll have a lot of time left over for discussion, because there’s a lot here that is pretty hard.

I guess cryptographers are in the habit of saying that human memory is bad. It’s actually really good for a lot of things, it’s just not good for things that are very high entropy, like crypto keys, but my theory is that people remember things that have actually happened and experiences of other people quite well. So my guiding idea here is that there’s all these people in the world who you actually share a lot of entropy with naturally without having to put it explicitly in a form of a crypto key. So these are people like people you’ve dated, people in your family, the really close friends in your life. So my question is, can we use this huge amount of shared experience that you have with these people to do cryptography.


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