The Least Privacy-Damaging Centralised Traffic Data Retention Architecture

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  • George Danezis
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Good afternoon everybody! It feels like today there hasn’t been a lot of controversy that would interrupt the talks in the first five minutes, so I thought that I should inject a bit more. So I will make slightly more extreme comments about everything I’m going to be talking about than I intended to, just to inject a bit of energy in the room at this late hour.

The subject of my talk today is coming from experience. I talk to a lot of people who are working in policy and technology, and they told me all our nightmares are actually going to come true – we always thought that but now we actually have a confirmation – and the UK government is actually planning not only to retain all traffic data that goes to service providers, but also to centrally store it, and to do who knows what else. So I was thinking about this issue from a technology perspective and today I hope we can have a discussion about the technology issues around this more general policy problem.


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