Case Studies: Code Generators for jABC

  • Sven Jörges
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Besides being the basis of the Genesys framework, jABC itself is an application field for code generation. As described in Sect. 3.1, the XMDD paradigm underlying jABC postulates an unidirectional code generation approach that deliberately avoids round-tripping (cf. Sect. 2.4.4). Consequently, jABC is in need of code generation facilities that are powerful enough to support this tenet, and at the same time are easy to use in a way that respects jABC’s users, who are typically application experts without deep technical knowhow. Similar objectives can also be found among the basic requirements of the Genesys approach (Requirement S2 - Full Code Generation, Requirement G3 - Simplicity). Furthermore, as jABC is used in a broad range of very heterogeneous application scenarios (cf. Sect. 3.2), it provides the opportunity of examining and comparing the construction of code generators for very different target platforms, each of them representing a separate case study with its own set of specific requirements.


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