Multidimensional Lévy Models

  • Norbert Hilber
  • Oleg Reichmann
  • Christoph Schwab
  • Christoph Winter
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In this chapter, we extend the one-dimensional Lévy models described in Chap.  10 to multidimensional Lévy models. Since the law of a Lévy process is time-homogeneous, it is completely characterized by its characteristic triplet. The drift has no effect on the dependence structure between the components. The dependence structure of the Brownian motion part of the Lévy process is given by its covariance matrix. For purposes of financial modeling, it remains to specify a parametric dependence structure of the purely discontinuous part which can be done by using Lévy copulas.


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  • Oleg Reichmann
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  • Christoph Schwab
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  • Christoph Winter
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  2. 2.Seminar for Applied MathematicsSwiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)ZurichSwitzerland
  3. 3.Allianz Deutschland AGMunichGermany

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