Auxin Transport and Signaling in Leaf Vascular Patterning

  • Enrico ScarpellaEmail author
  • Thomas BerlethEmail author
Part of the Signaling and Communication in Plants book series (SIGCOMM, volume 17)


Reticulate tissue systems pervade most multicellular organisms, and the principles controlling the formation of these cellular networks have long been object of interest of biologists and mathematicians. In particular, the beautiful and varied networks of veins in plant leaves have intrigued mankind since antiquity. Vascular cells are aligned with one another within continuous veins that reproducibly supply all areas of the leaf, but the precise path of vein formation is highly variable. Recent advances suggest a self-organizing control mechanism in which an apical-basal continuous flow of signal could establish a basic coordinate system for body-axis and vascular-strand formation, and account for both the reproducible and the variable features of leaf vein patterns.


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