QVGA OLED Display Control Module with High Gray-Level

  • Meihua Xu
  • Shihao Weng
  • Mengwei Sun
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 323)


OLED has a lot of advantages like simple structure, ultrathin, self-luminescence, high brightness, short response time, wide viewing angle, low operation voltage and so on, which is widely applied in cell phone, PDA, DC, on board display and military field. This paper represents a real-time video display system on OLED based on the detailed analysis of OLED panel electrical characteristics and various gray scale scanning principles of the OLED scan and drive circuit. FPGA is the core control device in the whole system, the DVI decoded signal is processed and real-time displayed on the OLED. 240×RGB (H)×320 (V) QVGA, 256 gray scale is implemented and frame frequency is 60Hz~100Hz. The power drive has 7 outputs, which is adjustable to fit the external environment. Among them, sub-field scanning working mode is adopted in the design, gray scale is selectable.


OLED Controller FPGA selectable grayscale sub-field RAM Manager 


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  • Meihua Xu
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  • Shihao Weng
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  • Mengwei Sun
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