Understanding the Other Side – The Inside Story of the INFER Project

  • Katarzyna MusialEmail author
  • Marcin Budka
  • Wieslaw Blysz
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 18)


In the last few years, the collaboration between research institutions and industry has become a well established process. Transfer of Knowledge (ToK) is required to accelerate the development of both sides and to enable them to unlock their full potential. European Commission within the Marie Curie Industry and Academia Partnerships & Pathways (IAPP) programme supports the cooperation between these two sectors at the international scale by funding research projects that as one of the objectives aim at enhancing human mobility. IAPP projects offer people from different institutions the possibility to move sector and country in order to provide, absorb and implement new knowledge in a professional industrial-academic environment. In this paper, one of such projects is presented and both academia and industry perspectives in regard to opportunities and challenges in Transfer of Knowledge are described. Computational Intelligence Platform for Evolving and Robust Predictive Systems (INFER) is the IAPP project that serves as a case study for this paper.


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  2. 2.Smart Technology Research CentreBournemouth UniversityDorsetUnited Kingdom
  3. 3.Research & Engineering CenterWroclawPoland

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