Monitoring System of Vibration Propagation in Vehicles and Method of Analysing Vibration Modes

  • Rafał Burdzik
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 329)


Article provides a presentation of a prototype monitoring system for the vibrations occurring in vehicles. The mathematical algorithm prepared and programmed enables the analysis and separation of the crucial properties of vibration signals. The application of an automatic algorithm developed and proposed by the author for the recognition of stationary and non-stationary states makes it possible to use the appropriate tools assuming the form of frequency as well as time and frequency transforms. The paper also provides a discussion concerning the concept of a neural classification system which may be applied as a decision-making module in a control system. Preliminary numerical tests have confirmed the system’s functional correctness. The monitoring system is based on the assumption that vibrations can be recorded at any chosen structural point of a vehicle which enables the vibration propagation to be analysed as well as their time, frequency or time and frequency modes to be assessed.


monitoring system vibration propagation in vehicles 


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