Installation of Rail Traffic Remote Control Systems in Terms of Profitability and Investment Effectiveness

  • Beata Bujna
  • Jerzy Mikulski
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 329)


Paper is aimed at analyzing the choice of rail traffic remote control system from the profitability and effectiveness point of view. The analysis was performed for the area of an example railway operator.The paper defines the basic groups of technical criteria for the choice of remote control system and also discusses systems of various manufacturers available on the Polish markets. Investors choose the most effective systems from those offered, according to their needs, technical conditions and financial capabilities. The paper assumes that a project, which is profitable and meets the technical criteria, is considered effective. Article is completed with an example of a practical application of profitability and effectiveness study techniques combined with technical criteria for the installation of rail traffic remote control system within a defined railway area.


transport investments profitability effecitiveness 


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  • Beata Bujna
    • 1
  • Jerzy Mikulski
    1. 1.Jastrzębska Spółka Kolejowa Sp. z o.o.Jastrzębie-ZdrójPoland

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