Investigating Deep Lithospheric Structures

  • Lev EppelbaumEmail author
  • Izzy Kutasov
  • Arkady Pilchin
Part of the Lecture Notes in Earth System Sciences book series (LNESS)


During the formation of the Earth as a planet heat energy released by accretion and certain other processes was sufficient to heat the entire Earth beyond the melting point of composing it rocks. This definitely led to formation of hundreds kilometers deep magma-ocean or melting the entire planet. That molten stage could have existed for quite some time. Such processes as possible collision of Earth with Mars-size body (Moon forming event) and bombardment of surface by huge cosmic objects [e.g., “late heavy bombardment” at about 3.85–3.9 Ga] could have significantly slowed down process of solidification of magma-ocean and/or create local magma-oceans. Following solidification of magma-ocean led to formation of the lithosphere through complex processes formation and recycling rocks and minerals, interaction surface rocks with the atmosphere, formation crust, formation water-ocean, and many others. All these processes took place during general process of Earth cooling. In this Chapter such processes as the formation and evolution of magma-ocean, evolution of early Earth’s atmosphere, the formation of water-ocean, thermal regime during early lithosphere formation, dynamic interactions of the asthenosphere and the lithosphere and many other problems are discussed.


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