CLAM: Cross-Layer Adaptation Management in Service-Based Systems

  • Asli Zengin
Conference paper
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Service-based systems (SBS) have a complex layered structure where the service-based application (SBA) is implemented through a composition of services, which run on top of infrastructures. Adaptation is not straightforward when we take into account the heterogeneous and dynamic execution context of such complex systems. While several state-of-the-art approaches, unaware from each other, target different problems at specific parts of the system, the isolated enactment of those adaptations results in ignoring the overall impact on the whole SBS. In this ongoing PHD work, we propose a complete, flexible and extensible solution for the cross-layer adaptation of SBSs. Our proposed solution integrates and coordinates existing analysis and adaptation tools to assess the impact of an adaptation at different system levels. Moreover, throughout the impact analysis, starting from an initial adaptation trigger it incrementally constructs adaptation strategies, consistent with the overall system.


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  • Asli Zengin
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  1. 1.Fondazione Bruno Kessler – IRSTTrentoItaly

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