Carl Størmer’s Origins

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Carl Størmer was the only child of Georg Ludvig Størmer (1842–1930) and Elisabeth Amalie Johanne Henriette Mülertz (1844–1916). They married on June 4, 1872 in Eidanger, the small municipality where Henriette grew up. Eidanger and Skien are nearby towns in Norway’s Telemark County about 150 km southwest of Oslo. Carl’s paternal grandfather, Christian Fredrik Størmer was a prosperous shopkeeper in Trondheim. His maternal grandfather, Fredrik Carl Mülertz, was a well-known vicar in Eidanger. From 1783 to 1856, the Mülertz family owned and operated Telemark County’s only pharmacy that had been established in 1704. The business was financially prosperous and by prevailing standards the Mûlertz family was wealthy (Fig. 2.1).


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